Dunhill Silent Flame Table Lighters

Dunhill and Parker made about 20 to 25 different models of Silent Flame lighters.

Variations on the Dunhill and Parker silent flame lighters were also made by other American and European companies, such as Arrow, Mystic Torch, and Rolux.

A flame is produced when the wand touches the metal figure (two C-cell batteries are used to heat a small coil in the wand which, in turn, "silently" ignites the wick).

Some models are common; other models are very rare.

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Silent Flame Gas Meter

This Silent Flame model is a presentation or commemorative item for the George Wilson gas meter company (gasmeterfabriek).

Based on the markings on the bottom, it appears to be celebrating his 75 years (1878 to 1953).

George Wilson founded his gas meter company in England in 1903. George Wilson Industries is still a thriving company, producing gas meters and regulators throughout the European market.

This lighter was probably made in 1953.


French Silent Flame Hawk Lighter

This is a rare French silent flame lighter with a hawk figure (I think) in a gold-tone finish.




Dunhill Silent Flame Book Lighter

This book-shaped lighter is one of the rarest of the Dunhill silent flame table lighters.

It is a book made of pewter (I think) that opens to reveal two cedar-lined cigarette compartments. The lighter is 6-1/2" tall, 5" wide, and 1-1/4" thick.

On the top side of the book near the wand opening, there is a small semi-circular indent on the edge. The wand must rest in this semi-circular area and then make contact with metal in the book's interior to ignite the heating coil at the end of the wand and produce a flame.


French Silent Flame Squirrel Lighter

This is a rare French silent flame lighter with a squirrel figure in a bronze-like finish.






French Silent Flame Fish Lighter

This is a rare French silent flame lighter with a fish figure in a bronze-like finish.





French Silent Flame Birds Lighter

This is a rare French silent flame lighter with a pair of birds in a bronze-like finish.

I believe similar models exist with figures of a squirrel, rooster, bird with wings spread, and nude female.



French Silent Flame Bird Lighter

This unusual silent flame lighter is a figure of a bird perched on a branch in a greened-bronze finish.

It is made by Rolux of France, most likely circa early 1930s.

The overall height of the lighter is almost 8" tall. The detailed bird figure itself is over 6" tall.

The tree stump on which the bird is perched is stamped with the name "Jamar."


Silent Flame Ronrico Rum Lighter

This Silent Flame lighter is in the shape of a liquor bottle. The plaque reads "Ronrico, $-A-Year Club, 1940".

It may have been a service award or something similar given to Ronrico employees or distributors.


Silent Flame Fitzgibbons

This Silent Flame model is an advertisement or promotion item for Fitzgibbons. I am guessing that it may be for the Fitzgibbons Boiler Company of New York (and the chrome figure may, therefore, depict a boiler or furnace).

It was probably made in the 1940s.


Silent Flame Superman

This is likely the rarest of the Silent Flame models.

Mounted on the back of the bakelite base is a small rectangular plastic plaque that reads "Compliments of the Independent News Co."

It was probably made in the 1940s.


Silent Flame Monorail

This rare Silent Flame lighter advertises the American Monorail Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

The chrome figure depicts a monorail wheel assembly.


Silent Flame WBAL Radio Figure

This rare Silent Flame lighter advertises (or promotes) a Baltimore radio station with the call letters WBAL.

I am told by other Silent Flame collectors that other rare advertising models were produced.




Silent Flame Sun Tower

This is one of the more difficult Silent Flame lighters to locate. It is the San Francisco Sun Tower model--probably made around 1950.

Silent Flame Statue of Liberty

This is one of the harder-to-find Silent Flame lighters, probably from the late 1940s or early 1950s.

I don't know any history of these lighters--why some models are common and some are almost non-existent.



Silent Flame Cylinder Lighters

These are Silent Flame cylinder-shaped table lighters.

One has the image of a horse, a bird, and an airdale terrier..


Silent Flame Silverplate Cylinder

The cylinder model was made in several enamel finishes, but this version, in silverplate and with the ornamental bead work at the top and bottom of the cylinder, is uncommon.

Even the knob on the wand is silverplate.

Silent Flame Lighter / Ro-Tray Leather Cigarette Dispenser

Although not one of the most attractive of the Dunhill Silent Flame models, it is one of the more uncommon models.

The Silent Flame lighter insert fits into a Ro-Tray circular cigarette dispenser. You rotate the lid and a cigarette is dispensed through the hole opening on the lid.


Silent Flame 1939 New York World's Fair

These are two variations (one small and one large) of the 1939 New York world's fair silent flame model.

Both models feature images of the Trylon and Perisphere (the symbols of the fair).



Silent Flame Fan Dancer

These are the Parker and Dunhill versions of the fan dancer (or Sally Rand) model.

A fellow silent flame collector called my attention to the difference between the Parker and Dunhill versions. The Parker version shows the figure with a square base. In contrast, the Dunhill version shows the figure with a round base.

The Parker silent flame fan dancer model came in 3 variations: chrome figure on a black base, chrome figure on a brown base, and gold figure on a brown base with gold rails. The Dunhill silent flame dancer model also came in a copper finish on a brown base.


Silent Flame Lady Holding Ball

This model is a nude holding a ball over her head.



Silent Flame Veil Dancer

These are two variations of the same model: one with her legs staight and one with her left knee open.


Silent Flame Candle Lighter

This is the Silent Flame candle table lighter. It has a bronzed-finish body with an art deco curved base. It is about 8 inches tall.

The candle mechanism works uses batteries. To light the wick, you press a small button at the tip of the candle to activate the heating coil. This mechanism was first invented in 1937 by Irving Florman of New York as a newer version of his 1935 Silent Flame model.


Silent Flame Triangular (3-Column)

This is the triangular (or 3-column) model in an all-chrome finish.

Other finishes were made of this model.


Dunhill Silent Flame Square Box

This Silent Flame lighter is a decorative square shape (as opposed to some of the figural models).


Silent Flame Column

This Silent Flame lighter is a simple chrome and enamel column (as opposed to some of the figural models).



Silent Flame Deco Oval Base

This is plain oval model.

I think it was manufactured in two or three different color combinations.


Silent Flame Scotty dog

This is the scotty dog model.


Silent Flame Sailboat

This is the sailboat model.

Silent Flame Airplane

This is the airplane model.



Silent Flame Cigarette Box

This is the bakelite cigarette box model.

I believe this model came in other colors.

Silent Flame Ashtray

This is the ashtray model.


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