Andrea Kit TV (1939)

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1939 Andrea Tabletop Television

This pre-war tabletop television has a 5" screen. It was available as a kit (Andrea KT-E-5) or pre-assembled with a factory cabinet (Andrea 1-F-5).

The magnifier attachment shown was an $18 accessory.

This photo shows the kit version installed in a very rare factory cabinet available for those who bought the kit and wanted a full cabinet, not just a front board.

Note: The Andrea 1-F-5 cabinet could not be used with the Kit chassis because it was made for the factory assembled chassis with longer control shafts.

Only two of these unusual/identical cabinets have been found so far. Notice the undeniable simiarities in design of Andrea's first post-war set, the T-VJ12 (shown below).

Below is a photo of the chassis.

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Tuner: Early Andrea sets came with a factory 2-channel tuner; later sets had a factory 3-channel tuner.

In November of 1941, Andrea offered an upgrade kit that included an extension shaft and knob to make the fine tuning control accessible from the outside (many Andrea sets have a hole there for screwdriver adjustment). Therefore, Andrea sets that have a fine-tuning control knob on the right side of the cabinet likely have the other mods included in the upgrade kit (such as new antenna and oscillator coils, a new sound IF transformer, and a few new resistors).



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