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1931 Westinghouse Columaire Deluxe WR-15

This 9-tube radio (designed by Raymond Loewy, 1893-1986, the "father of modern design") has AM broadcast band only.

It is 62" tall and 15" wide.

During the 1930s, several radio manufacturers (Philco, RCA, GE, Crosley) made grandfather clock radios.

I like the Westinghouse designs the best -- probably because they have a deco style (rather than a traditional grandfather clock look).

Westinghouse grandfather clock radios came in several variations:

  • Most had a clock, but some did not have a clock (I think the models without a clock were referred to as "Jr.").
  • Some (like the WR-8) had an optional wired remove control (with a very thick cable).
  • Even a columette (model WR-10A) table top version.

Columaire Model WR-8

Below is a photo of the more popular 1931 Westinghouse WR-8 clock radio and the Columette WR10-A table model.

Dial and Knobs

Clock Face


The speaker is mounted on the top of the radio below the mesh panel.


In the vintage ad below, the main image shows a woman tuning the Columaire Deluxe WR-15. The two smaller images show a Columette WR-10A table radio and a Columaire Junior WR-12 without a clock.


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